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Investor Readiness

Connecting Innovation Cluster-supported Entrepreneurs with Capital

We understand the pressure on entrepreneurs and startup founders to make every opportunity count in their pursuit of capital. However, we also understand the decision-making process of a potential investor or client. It is because of this unique perspective that Angels make excellent resources for Entrepreneurs.


This is why we have partnered with Innovation Cluster to deliver valuable investor-readiness workshops and one-on-one coaching to help make these businesses “investor-ready”. This program will help founders gain the insight and coaching needed in raising capital and resources to transform their good ideas into investor-ready companies.

Frank Auddino, York Angel Investors

Frank Auddino


Virtual Classroom Sessions will Cover


Session One: Angel Investing Basics

  • Angel Investing and Smart Capital-Who, what is an angel investor?
  • What do Investors look for in founders and company?
  • Angel group and Investor landscape and how to access capital
  • Funding sources guidance from idea to proof of concept-seed stage growth/scale-up maturity

Session Two: Securing Investment

  • Deal Structures for Investment and term sheets
  • How to put valuation on your company
  • Preparing and delivering effective pitch deck and expectations by Investors
  • Top level Due Diligence Investor Expectations and Getting Funded

Session Three: Managing Investors

  • Managing Post-Investment Expectations-after the cheque
  • Corporate Governance and Investor Relations
  • Making the Case for a Potential Exit

1-on-1 Sessions will Cover


Needs for each company will vary based on the current status, but in general 1-on-1 sessions will cover:

  • Getting ready for investment
  • Additional customer/market validation
  • Financial analysis
  • Marketplace insights
  • Pitch deck preparation

Angels will look at all aspect of Investment readiness and make recommendations to angel groups/investors to those that are ready for funding that will positively impact their business.


Virtual Classroom Session One

Angel Investing Basics
July 21st, 2020

Virtual Classroom Session Two

Securing Investment
July 28th, 2020

Virtual Classroom Session Three

Managing Investors
August 4th, 2020


1-on-1 coaching with accredited Angel Investors provides high value, high impact training that will help your business escalate to the next level. Each session will last form 1 to 2 hours and are available exclusively to founders of Innovation Cluster supported Incubator/Accelerator companies.

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